Victor Hortas House Plaster Model


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Designed by Victor Horta

When – 1901

Where – Brussels, Belgium

This detailed scale model of the building made famous by the work of Victor Horta would make a beautiful decorative piece for display in any office, upon a mantelpiece or bookshelf.

Maison & Atelier Horta is the original family home of Belgian Art Nouveau architect, Victor Horta. Art Nouveau flourished between the 1890s and the Great war of 1914 which extinguished this exuberant and optimistic style. In England we see its routes in the medieval revivals of William Morris however only on the continent and in America did the style find widespread architectural expression.

The building has been home to the Victor Horta Museum since 1969 with its collection of furniture, utensils and art as well as documents related to the architect himself. Horta lived from 1861 – 1947 and was described as ‘undoubtedly, the key European Art Nouveau architect’ by John Julius Norwich. He is also said to have applied the Art Nouveau style to architecture with the building of his Hotel Tassel in 1893. The French architect Hector Guimard (Designer of the Parisian Metro’s) was also influenced by the work of Victor Horta.

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Dimensions: 3.5″w x 7″h x 2.25″