Glitter Cocktails Preserves Selection Box




Boozy flavoured jams & Marmalade with edible glitter and 23ct gold leaf hearts.
Use as a glittery fruit cocktail purée or simply add to scones and cakes to make afternoon tea even more fabulous!
Create a cocktail purée by mixing a teaspoon of preserve and a dash of liquid. Then top with your drink of choice to enjoy a sparkling cocktail made with real fruit.
Add to pancakes, crumpets and toast too!
A new and unique way to add fresh fruit to your cocktails and desserts at home.
You will receive: 125g Raspberry Jam with prosecco flavouring 125g Rhubarb and ginger jam with gin flavouring 125g Grapefruit & orange marmalade with rum flavouring.
All packed in a beautiful foiled gift box